Industrial Supply - Unisan Columbus

Unisan Columbus is the industrial supply company your business needs to be successful. We carry everything you need to supply your facility including: cleaning supplies, safety equipment and warehouse equipment. And, we can supply facilities of any size and scale.

Not sure where to start? Our staff is here to help you figure out what you need. We can make supply recommendations for your facility and provide on-site inventory control to save you the time and hassle of ordering.

Here are just a few industrial supplies we can provide to help your facility run efficiently:

  • Industrial Cleaning Supplies
  • Safety Equipment
  • Warehouse Supplies and Equipment
  • Office Supplies

How To Order Industrial Supplies

Looking for an industrial supply company near you? Unisan Columbus can provide supplies to companies throughout Ohio and beyond. Shop with us in a two ways.

Have a one-time order? Browse our online catalog at the link below.

Order Online Here 

Looking for help maintaining your inventory?

We currently provide on-site inventory control services to companies in Ohio, saving you time on ordering. Give our team a call at (614) 863-1700 for more information.