Keith Pletch - Unisan Columbus

Keith Pletch grew up in a small town in central Illinois: a place where everyone knows each other and family means everything.  Sports have always been a big part of his life.  When he was 10, he definitely wanted to play basketball when he grew up. Although his goals have changed slightly as he’s gotten older, but his love of playing has always stayed the same.

After high school and beyond, Keith has spent many years in and around logistics.  Working every shift in every department he has gained real world knowledge that has prepared him for leading the operations here at Unisan.  For 3 years at Unisan he has worked as the Operations Manager to manage the incoming and outgoing product as well as coordinate the daily delivery routes. His favorite thing about working at Unisan is the family atmosphere and how everyone is working to help each other.

Keith finds dignity in a hard days work and most importantly finishing what he starts.   There have been different people throughout his life that have led him to where he is today starting with his dad who demonstrated the value of hard work.  He also had many friends who helped him along the way. The most influential person to him is his wife who keeps him motivated and has shown him that settling for less than he deserves is never an option.  In his free time he enjoys golfing as much as possible and having movie nights with his family.