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Your Winter Office Cleaning Checklist

Your Winter Office Cleaning Checklist

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Winter brings a lot of unique challenges for your workplace. Not only do your associates get sick and take off work more often, but you have the added challenges of keeping your floors clean and dealing with the germs that everyone brings to work with them. In order to keep your office clean and your associates healthy, we’ve outlined a few winter cleaning tips for your office as it should be cleaned more regularly during winter.

1. Remove salt and water from office floors, especially entryways.

You will need to maintain your office with some winter cleaning procedures during the season. Keep up with vacuuming and sweeping once a day. Then plan on mopping at least once a week. On your hard surfaces, use a mixture of warm water and vinegar to mop to floors with to get the salt residue up off of the floors. Keep a close watch on hallways and entryways: when you mix salt with melted snow, you can quickly have a skating rink. Once dried, it can still create a slippery film in the hallways that can be dangerous for your employees. Keep a few cones or caution signs on hand to warn employees if the floors are slippery. Also put down some matting to avoid slips and falls.

2. Disinfect all common areas daily.

The cleaning of your breakrooms and bathrooms should be definitely at the top of your office cleaning checklist. Make certain with flu season upon you, you can get your office cleaning done regularly. As previously discussed, breakrooms and bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs and the flu to spread. They are areas where your all of your associates will spend some time during the day. Any lobbies, conference rooms, and main areas of gathering will also be areas to focus your attention for cleaning as well. Assess your high traffic areas and put them on the top of your list.

3. Clean the air.

Keep your furniture polish, dusting cloths, and dusters nearby in the winter season. During the winter season office buildings are generally more closed up and germs and pollutants are trapped and can’t go outside.These pollutants and dust mites are in the air you are breathing, so get those dust bunnies wiped up before they settle. Also make sure you clean the air ducts each winter season so the heat doesn’t bring with it old dust particles and trapped germs.

4. Clean office carpets regularly.

Your carpet can look pretty dismal with a layer of dust and dirt tracked in its fibers. During the winter season, it’s probably a good idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned. This will help remove the salt and indoor allergens that have been trapped during the season. You can also use a professional grade carpet cleaner to help you get some of the dirt and salt residue up.

These are some of our winter cleaning tips for the season. Try them out for success this winter season and hopefully keep your associate’s healthy and well!