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Your Guide to a Clean Office in 10 Minutes

Your Guide to a Clean Office in 10 Minutes

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After spending 40 or more hours in your office a week it’s no wonder that at the end of the week, your office is a mess. This office cleaning guide should have your desk neat and tidy in no time.

Throw away unnecessary paper

Take a minute or two to organize any papers on your desk and throw away any printed documents that are saved on your computer.  This will make your desk look cleaner immediately and help you clear your head. Also, you know that pile of notebooks you’ve collected…and vendor gifts(yes the ones with your vendors logos on them). Now is a fantastic time to get rid of that pile that has been taking up extra space on your desk!

Clean the dust and water rings

Keep Clorox wipes at your desk and wipe it down every once in a while to keep away dust and water rings from your water glass. This will definitely cut down on germs. Do you know that according to studies: our desks are more germ laden than the toilet in the restroom? Now while this may seem an out of character proposal, it’s probably a good time to start disinfecting and wiping your desk down more often and trying to avoid eating at your desk if possible.

Get rid of random swag

Go through all of your giveaways from conventions and meetings and throw away anything you don’t need. Ok…remember those business seminars that your company sent you to five years ago? If you haven’t implemented something from them by now, it’s time to throw them away. These documents are taking up unnecessary space. Now is the golden opportunity to rid your space of them.

Streamline office supplies

Ditch any pens that don’t work, give away your paper clips and re-evaluate the rest of the supplies on your desk getting rid of anything you don’t actually use regularly.  Ok so you know the 30 pens you have in your cup holder? Weed those out until you have just those which work or you are actually wanting to keep like that Swarovski crystal pen your best friend gave you for Christmas.

Ditch the food

Any plates or silverware that haven’t been cleaned since your last meal should be taken to the kitchen. Those week old lasagna leftovers can be removed to the office break room and set for washing.  Don’t let your desk become the kitchen sink, this increases the risk of it becoming a breeding place for germs.

Now that you’ve gotten a nice long list from us of quick cleanup tips, let us know what you like to do and any extra tips you may have.