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What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Current Janitorial Supplier

What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Current Janitorial Supplier

Negotiate With Your Current Supplier

If you’re not satisfied with your current supplier of janitorial supplies and cleaning products, don’t jump right back into the supplier market. It’s likely that you can obtain discounts, special pricing and even improved service simply by asking.

  • Obtain Discounts.  Many suppliers offer discounts or more favorable terms for larger quantities purchased. Ask your current supplier about discounts and what you can do to save some money. In some cases, suppliers discounts for paying early.
  • Ask for Better Service. If you have a service-related problem with your supplier, bring it their attention. Sometimes the only way a supplier will know that something is wrong is if you tell them.
  • Fix Your Relationship. Not everybody wants their suppliers of cleaning products or janitorial supplies to come to their offices and hang around for ages; sometimes just getting the right price is all that’s wanted in a relationship. Make sure you communicate with your supplier about the type of partnership you want.

When It’s Time to Make a Change

If your supplier isn’t quite cutting it, even after you’ve expressed your concerns, it’s best for that relationship to come to an end. Having a great business-to-business relationship is very important. If you experience anything of the following with your supplier, it would be in your best interest to find another supplier that will meet your needs.

  • Lack of Reliability. If a supplier makes frequent order mistakes, misses deadlines or botches the billing for their services, it’s time for a change. While no company is perfect and mistakes happen, persistent problems means that they are truly unreliable. Try to work with them to correct any issues, but if things don’t improve then you should move on. Keep in mind that if you are sticking with a supplier through tough times could potentially strengthen your relationship.
  • Bad Prices and Lack of Quality. If you’re given a much lower quote from your supplier’s competitors, then it’s time to do some investigating. Sometimes companies are just oblivious to current pricing for janitorial supplies and cleaning supplies, other times they really can’t compete with pricing because their product is not quality. If you have a good working relationship with your supplier, bring the discrepancy to their attention and see if they’ll work with you to adjust accordingly. If they seem to be cutting corners and not offering quality products, start looking at other supplier options
  • Lack of Transparency. Some suppliers will allow you to visit their facilities, talk to all of their employees and even speak to third party references or other customers. If your supplier is doing everything in their power to not be that transparent, then they might not have your best interest in mind.
  • Internal Costs Connected with the Sale. The cost of cleaning supplies and other products isn’t the only expense your company will face in this process; you have your own costs associated with doing business with any supplier. This can be anything from generating product specifications to training your employees to deal with a particular supplier’s ordering or fulfillment system. If any of these internal costs drive the total cost of doing business with a specific supplier up, you may consider switching to another supplier that won’t require so much extra work or money.