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Ways to Celebrate Fall Activities at Work

Ways to Celebrate Fall Activities at Work

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Celebrations and activities are important in an office – they help your team bond and boost your office morale. This is especially important during fall when the change in weather can cause fatigue and low productivity.

To help to combat fatigue and low productivity in your workplace we’ve outlined a few of our favorite fall office activities.

9 fall office activities to boost morale

Host a pumpkin decorating contest.

How much fun is pumpkin decorating?! Whether you carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins doesn’t matter (though painting pumpkins is much faster). All you need are pumpkins for all employees willing to participate, paint and other decorating supplies, and a small prize for the winner. Then display all of the pumpkins throughout your office.

Organize a team outing to volunteer.

Fall is the perfect time to give back to your community. Organize a team outing with one of your favorite local charities. Looking for charities in Central Ohio you could support? Check out Columbus Gives Back for a listing of local volunteer opportunities.

Kickoff football season with a tailgate potluck.

Football is HUGE in the midwest and definitely in Columbus, Ohio. Now is your opportunity to gather with your team to kick off the football season. Ask everyone in the office to bring in their favorite tailgating snacks and spend some time away from desks.

Celebrate World Food Day with a food drive.

World Food Day is October 16th specifically designed for world hunger awareness. Celebrate this day by hosting a food drive or volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

Break out the cider.

There’s nothing like hot cider in the fall. Break out the office crock pot and keep some mulled apple cider heated on low throughout the day. Provide plenty of cups nearby and encourage individuals to have conversation while holding a warm mug.

Decorate your office in fall colors.

Get festive around the workplace! Pick an afternoon and bring your associates together to decorate. Decorations could include pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, mums, seasonal window clings, string lights, and more.

Trick or treat in the office.

This is an opportunity to get the entire family involved. We recommend holding trick or treat hours in the late afternoon so associates have the opportunity to bring in their children.

Hold a haunted cubicles decorating contest.

Invite departments to deck out their work areas with Halloween decorations and choose a winner. Each department could have a different theme encouraging teams to work together.

Host a Thanksgiving lunch.

This Thanksgiving schedule time to have a company lunch with your associates and show your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.