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The Best Office Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The Best Office Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Bathrooms are where you can see exactly how much a business cares about their customers and associates. A dirty, stinky bathroom can change someone’s entire opinion of a company. You don’t want clients and associates feeling negatively about your office’s bathroom or your company, so make sure it’s kept tidy and clean. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you easily keep your office bathroom clean:

A cleaning schedule

First of all, get a workable and consistent cleaning schedule you can stick to and repeat time after time. This is essential to keep up with the appearance and maintenance in your office bathroom.  At the very least you should be cleaning your bathrooms once a week, if not more than that depending on the number of associates you have.  Optionally, your facility may be so large that you need a daily or weekly janitor.

The supply list

Get together a list of bathroom cleaning supplies that you would like to have used in your office. Having a defined list makes it easier to do your job and ensures you will always have what you need for your cleaning.  Here is a list of some of the most essential items for the supply list:

A best practice is to remove harsh bathroom supplies from your office and replace them with “green” safer bathroom cleaners. This is a great opportunity to improve your employee’s health and your environmental impact.

Number one: clean your toilets

Ok and off we go for a list of “hot spots” that will keep your bathroom looking clean.

Starting off with the obvious: you must keep the toilets in your restroom clean.  Some suggest using a can of cola in the toilet bowl and letting it sit for awhile, flushing it down and then scrubbing the toilet bowl with your toilet bowl brush. You can always spray the outside of the toilet with disinfectant as well and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down. The toilet is one of the main things that needs to be kept tidy and clean in a restroom.  A perfect example is restaurants, where 1 in 3 patrons will refuse to come back if a restaurant has a dirty bathroom. That’s a 30% loss of revenue, from bathroom cleanliness alone.

A shiny sink

Next, you need to keep the sink clean and free of any debris. Keep that sink nice and shiny and clean just like you would want it to be in your home. Sometimes those hard water stains can be removed by cutting a lemon and rubbing it over the faucets.  Another tip for cleaning the sink bowl, is to pick something with bleach to sanitize and remove any possible toothpaste debris. Pick some bathroom cleaners that aren’t too harsh, but leave your bathroom accessories smelling clean and disinfected.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

..ok now that we are off our déjà vu..let’s turn our attention towards the mirrors.  Remember the water spotted, fingerprinted, makeup smudged mirror you looked in at the last restaurant that had you wondering…how often do they actually clean this? You can use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to quickly get rid of these fingerprints. Another option is brewing plain black tea and putting it in a spray bottle and using it as your cleaner for the mirror. Try out the options and see which is your favorite.

Bathroom floor cleaning

Did you ever experience that sticky dripping wet restroom floor on a road trip when you swung off for one of those highway rest stops? You came out shaking your head with the “I’m never stopping at one of those again” thoughts running through your head. You wouldn’t want your office bathroom to give that same experience. The simple plan is vacuuming and mopping your bathroom floor when you do your weekly cleaning. Get those stuck down piece of toilet paper and other debris up off the floor. Get a great urine deodorizer that you can use on the floor around the toilets and urinals.

Now that we’ve given you the best bathroom cleaning solutions and tips that we know of, let us know which ones you have found most helpful. Also, if you’ve found the best bathroom cleaner out there definitely let us know!