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The Best Odor Eliminators for Your Workplace

The Best Odor Eliminators for Your Workplace

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Are foul odors stinking up your workplace?

Office odors can be distracting and create an unproductive work environment. To eliminate foul smells quickly try a few of our favorite odor eliminators.

Here are the top five office odors and the best odor eliminators to combat them.

1. Breakroom refrigerator odors.

One of the top places for odors in your workplace is in the breakroom refrigerator. Your employees will often leave leftovers in the office refrigerator – sometimes for days or weeks at a time. To combat refrigerator odors keep baking soda in the refrigerator. The baking soda will soak up the odors, removing them from the refrigerator.

2. Office bathroom odors.

There are a few easy ways to keep bathroom odors under control. Number one odor control hack…proper ventilation is key. You need to make sure that you have a working ventilation fan, this will help keep the air clean and flowing properly. Bathroom air fresheners or odor eliminators are also a great way to freshen up office bathrooms. Some employees even have made a DIY odor eliminator with natural products like essential oils. Regular cleaning of bathrooms is also essential, if you keep up with cleaning, it eliminates the buildup of gunk and a generally dirty bathroom. Cleaning of drains and doing regular checks for mold are also important in an office bathroom so you can get these in order rather than waiting till the problem is full blown.

3. Carpet odors.

For combating carpet odors, getting the carpets cleaned is always a great idea. But you also will want to see what the root cause of the odors is. It could be food, dirt being tracked in from outside, or a variety of reasons and you might want to see how you can eliminate it happening again. You may need a carpet extractor or a commercial carpet company to come in an clean your carpets. Sprinkling baking soda on the carpet letting it sit, and then vacuuming it up can help get rid of some of the odors as well. If the carpet is soiled extensively you may want to see about possibly replacing it.

4. Trash odors.

Take out the trash regularly…this may seem obvious but it can be a more forgotten aspect of keeping up with your office bathroom tidying. Wet paper and sanitary waste can create quite a stench if left for awhile. You can use a neutralizer or enzyme digester to wipe down the trash can as well. You want to get the trash on a schedule as well like the regular office cleaning.

5. Musty office odors.

What about a generally musty smell in the office? There are a few odor removal hacks like keeping a candle on your desk or drinking mint tea, having office plants etc. However, there are a few other ones like opening up a couple office windows for some fresh air and placing a container of vinegar in the breakroom for absorbing food odors. There are also new-fangled products like aroma boxes and artificial aromas in the air ducts hitting the marketplace and being tested out by many.

So now you have this knowledge, you can install a commercial air freshener into the whole office to get the perfect smell or a restroom air freshener to keep that in tip-top shape and hopefully it will give your employees a nice fresh space to work in!