T350 Stand-on Scrubber Product Overview Video - Unisan Columbus
T350 Stand-on Scrubber Product Overview Video

T350 Stand-on Scrubber Product Overview Video

We are launching a new facilities equipment product: A T350 Stand-On Scrubber.  This new product uses innovative technologies including Smart Fill and Nano Clean(features that will make your life easier!) This scrubber is able to keep large areas clean but is also flexible enough to get in and out of tighter spaces.  The types of surface areas it can clean ranges from hospital floors to school hallways and beyond.

This scrubber promotes:

  • Reduction in cost to clean
  • Improvement in health and safety
  • Enhancement in your facilities’ image
  • Minimal environmental impact

In the video link below you will be able to visually experience:

  1. the functionality and ease of using the T350 Stand-On Scrubber
  2. the applications it can be used in
  3. the reliability and ergonomics of the design
  4. Please click the image below to view the video


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