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Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Tidy Office

Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Tidy Office

  • 2021
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Here in Columbus, OH it may not look like spring outside, but it is now officially spring. For many of us, the start of spring means spring cleaning our homes. So, why not extend that cleaning to our workplaces as well?

Here is our office spring cleaning checklist to help you clean up your workplace.

1. Disinfect your workplace.

Clean down all your main surfaces such as your desk, computer, and main surfaces in your breakroom. Get them thoroughly disinfected and properly deep cleaned. Now get a bit into the nitty gritty; your office phone, doorknobs and water coolers, these surfaces also are a breeding place for germs. For more information on disinfecting your workplace read: The Top Seven Surfaces to Disinfect in Your Workplace.

2. Deep clean your floors.

Next, you want to deep clean your floors. Dirt can get into crevices on your floors and create a build up. You want to find the best type of cleaner for your type of floor and use that to give it a good cleaning. You may also think about having a professional come in to help you get it cleaned because they may have a carpet cleaning machine or a floor scrubber that will make the cleaning easier. Want more floor cleaning tips? Read: Dirty Floors Could Be Leaving a Bad Impression.

3. Encourage each department to part with papers.

With multiple departments in your business and multiple people in that department, you have the potential to have an excess of unnecessary paperwork. Get your people to discard of unnecessary paperwork and get the rest of it filed or in storage boxes. This can include filing and deleting documents on their desktop as well as this creates brain clutter.

4. Dust all surfaces.

You also want to dust off all the surfaces in your office this can include your computer monitors, office phones, desks, tops of cubicle walls and many others. The buildup of dust can cause bad allergies and make your employees sick. Getting your office dusted is one way you can help keep these illnesses under control. For tips on how to dust, read: How to Dust Your Office in 4 Easy Ways.

5. Deep clean all upholstery (including cubicle walls).

In addition, there are often some upholstered pieces of furniture in your office. You want to clean or vacuum the upholstery down as well. Cubicle walls around your desk are something that often is forgotten. These can harbour a host of dust bunnies and are what you want to get cleaned and dusted off as well. Want more upholstery cleaning tips? Read: How to Clean Cubicle Walls and Why It’s Important.

6. Clean your windows.

What should you use to wash your windows? There are many different window cleaning products from window squeegees to window cleaning kits. You want to make sure you use the right window cleaning supplies for your application. As always, if you feel the number of your windows warrants it, get a professional on the job! Read Windows Cleaning Equipment to Clean Office Windows.

This checklist should give you the tips you need for a tidy office this spring season!