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How Restroom Cleanliness Relates To Infection

How Restroom Cleanliness Relates To Infection

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Restrooms are one of the toughest areas for cleaning for two main reasons: both the aesthetics(appearances) & health of the area.  However, one of the biggest challenges is the public health issue, which can affect many people.

This flu season is your opportunity to make sure your facilities’ restroom is prepared  for dealing with both the germs coming into it and the germs that are spread in this environment. Infection and germs have several ways which they can be spread in: from one person to another, through high touch surfaces and airborne pathogens.

It is important to evaluate if your restroom is a high touch environment and make a decision on how often cleaning needs to take place. Training with your staff can also be important for this to make sure all standards of cleanliness are upkept.

Here are some of the procedures used for disinfecting and upkeeping the hygiene in the restroom:

  • Prepare the high touch surfaces – find out what chemicals and disinfectants work as barriers against disease
  • Evaluate the products to be used – be specific about which ones will work best in your facility
  • Do not mask bad odors – find out the source of the problem and solve it, to mask it with air fresheners is not the solution to the problem
  • Clean floors – keep the floor surfaces clean, this will keep the overall hygiene and appearance up
  • Clean glass – while washing hands germs can get sprayed on the glass and mirrors
  • Follow proper hand hygiene – using the proper handwashing procedure as laid out within our prior blog: Standard Handwashing Procedure

If these tips are followed, you can be assured that you will be on your way to having a clean and hygienic restroom.