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Post-Holiday Office Cleaning Tips

Post-Holiday Office Cleaning Tips

  • 2016
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The holidays can wreak havoc on an office. Office holiday parties, holiday potlucks and sick employees can leave your office a mess. To start the new year off right, get your workplace back to clean.

Here is a brief cleaning checklist you can use to clean up your office after the holidays:

1. Pack up office holiday decorations.

First of all, collect all the holiday decorations and either put them in the trash or what can be salvaged or is unused can be packed up for next years holiday party. Take down streamers, pop balloons and get rid of them. All your used party supplies like party hats and party poppers can be removed as well.

2. Clean out the breakroom.

The breakroom can get littered with glitter, party poppers, Christmas crackers and of course those nice yummy snacks: cupcake icing, gingerbread cookie crumbs you name it all ends up in your break room. You will probably want to do a deep cleaning of your break room so that you can get ready for the New Year. Get some cleaners to wipe down the tables counters sinks, microwave and oven. Also do a good vacuuming to get up all the extra bits of leftovers and party dust.

3. Disinfect surfaces around the office.

The end of year is a great time to clean off your desk and even polish it so it gets a brand new shine. Over the year, you accumulate quite a few papers, documents and vendor gifts. See if you can sift through these and see what you can get thrown away so you can have a clear head and clear desk.

Washing the windows is often a forgotten part of the cleaning for the New Year. You often remember about cleaning the bathrooms, carpet cleaning, and floor buffing. However, this isn’t always enough. Windows take the brunt of the weather from the outside and the dust and grime from the inside. It’s a good idea to get your office windows cleaned at the end of the year.

4. Deep clean your office floors.

Your office floors will no doubt be dirty after your holiday parties.  Do a deep clean of the floors by vacuuming, moving furniture around and cleaning the carpets. Make sure if you have tiled floors, you get the gunk up off the grout as well. If you have carpets, you may want to use your carpet cleaning machine to remove any stains.

5. Restock your cleaning supplies.

Here are the cleaning supplies you should restock to help your office start off the new year right:

This cleaning list should get you all prepared for the New Year after the champagne is finished and employee gifts have been given out.