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Peak Season: Safety is Number One

Peak Season: Safety is Number One

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Safety is the number one challenge for a good reason, this involves your most precious resource: your workforce. During peak season, a high percentage of your workforce may be temporary hires: persons who are often new to your processes, procedures and safety regulations.

All too frequently safety procedures are disregarded due to; insufficient time invested, inadequate resources or are viewed as an opportunity to cut corners in an attempt to save money. There are several aspects which often get overlooked but are very simple and cost effective to implement.

· Training of staff especially temporary staff is vitally important. Can you start the hiring process earlier so you have extra time to train them on your safety procedures?

· Make sure safety procedures for your company are reviewed and understood. Provide refresher courses.

· Be prepared for power outages- make sure exit and backup lighting is in place. Glow in the Dark signage and floor tape & exit signage is important here. Be sure every employee knows exactly what to do when this situation arises.

· Communication-make sure that as a leader your instructions are clear, during such a busy time it’s even more important.

If these processes and procedures are put into place ahead of time and thought through, it will ensure successful operations during peak season.

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