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New Year’s Office Cleaning Goals

New Year’s Office Cleaning Goals

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Commercial cleaning may not be the first thing that comes to mind when making New Year’s resolutions. But, the New Year is the perfect time of year to take a look at your cleaning program and take small steps to make it better. Here are a just a few cleaning goals that you might want to add to your list.

1. Go green and use green cleaning products.

Going green is not only better for the environment, but it’s also better for your associates and customers. Regular cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be irritants for anyone with allergies or respiratory issues. If you can try using green cleaning supplies as much as possible, you will most likely see these allergies and respiratory issues decrease. This in turn will decrease your employee absenteeism rate. Find more green cleaning tips for your workplace here.

2. Talk to your associates about their cleaning responsibilities.

Make sure your associates know how to clean up after themselves in the breakroom and what waste bins to put different waste in. Also encourage them to keep their desk area clean: dusting, wiping down their phone and electronics and general tidying. If all your associates keep up with this it will keep the office in ship shape order.

3. Prevent workplace illnesses and tackle germs.

Winter time is prime flu season. How can you avoid your employees getting under the weather? No pun intended. If you can, get a large supply of antibacterial wipes and sanitizer to place around the office. Try to keep up your cleaning during this time and focus on high traffic areas.  This will help cut down on germs and spreading of the flu.

4. Make your floors a priority.

Your floors say a lot about your business, invest in keeping them clean and maintained.  Getting your floors professionally cleaned is not a luxury even though it may seem to be a large investment. You need to get your carpets commercially cleaned at least once a year and get your floors waxed and buffed. This will assist in keeping up your floors to a professional standard.  If you have a designated janitor on site, another option is using a carpet cleaning machine or a commercial grade floor scrubber. You may also need to get some floor cleaning supplies for the intended usage.

We have given you a few pointers for cleaning up for the New Year, make it a great 2019!!