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Janitorial Supplies and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Janitorial Supplies and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Cleaning takes time – especially when you’re cleaning up after hundreds or even thousands of people. This is why it’s important to keep your cleaning supplies and equipment up-to-date. Staying on the cutting edge of janitorial equipment can help cleaning go faster and be quite a bit easier.

We’ve outlined a few of our favorite pieces of janitorial equipment and cleaning tips that can help you cut your cleaning time.

Janitorial supplies and equipment to use to cut cleaning time.

1. Use a modular janitorial cart.

Unlike traditional janitorial carts, a modular janitorial cart is customizable to your needs giving you more usable space. This means you can carry more cleaning supplies with you at any given time. Having all of the cleaning supplies you need with you at any given time will save you time running back and forth to and from your janitorial closet for the supplies you need.

2. Clean floors faster with the iMop.

Get the maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind floor scrubber with the iMop. The iMop can clean floors up to 10x faster than a traditional mop and bucket. In addition, it’s cordless and will run for an hour.

3. Use floor mats at every entrance.

Make floor cleaning easier and faster by stopping dirt from being tracked inside in the first place. We recommend using floor mats at every entrance to help knock outside dirt off of feet. In addition, encourage people to use one entrance so dirt that happens to be tracked in, is in a concentrated area.

4. Invest in a cordless vacuum.

Ditch the cord and save time vacuuming with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Without a cord there’s no need to move your cord from outlet to outlet as you sweep.

We recommend using the Tennant Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum. This vacuum comes with HEPA filtration and will last 50 minutes.

5. Install hand dryers in restrooms.

Installing hand dryers in your restrooms will save you cleaning time and be less expensive than paper towels over the long term.

Paper towels often get left on counters and floors leading to more time cleaning. They also create more waste, which means you’ll have to take out the trash more often.

For more information on hand dryers, read Paper Towels or Hand Dryers in the Office Restroom?

Cleaning tips to help you cut cleaning time.

1. Keep as few cleaning products as possible.

Keeping fewer cleaning products on hand will help you stay organized, saving you time searching for the products you need and inventorying the products you have.

Not sure what cleaning products you should have? Check out our office cleaning supply checklist for a good place to start.

2. Keep your janitorial closet organized.

How well you keep your janitorial closet clean is not only a reflection of how clean the rest of a building is, but it has a lot of advantages as well. Cleanliness and organization can help you with inventory, improve workplace safety, and increase the productivity of your janitorial staff.

For tips on how to keep your janitorial closet clean, read How to Organize Your Janitorial Closet.