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How to Take Care of Area Rugs In An Office

How to Take Care of Area Rugs In An Office

Your new carpeting or logo-designed area rug won’t look new and plush for long If you don’t keep it swept and cleaned on a regular basis. Area rugs in particular require additional attention. To maintain this unique floor covering’s longevity and vibrancy, you need to understand the type of rug you have and the fibers and dyes used to create its design and color. Under a corner of your carpet you should find information describing the materials and dyes used to make your floor covering. For additional information we’ve listed the three most common rug types and how to care for them.

The Beautiful Oriental Rug

Steeped in history, the oriental rug, also known as a hand-made or hand-woven rug, is crafted from natural fibers, such as cotton, silk or wool. Slight imperfections, created during the hand-weaving process, are considered indicators of the rugs’ authenticity and don’t alter the carpet’s value.The fringed end of the rug is attached to a beam on the loom. This forms the foundation of your carpet on which weavers interlock luxurious strands to create a beautiful design. Although the fringe may show some wear over time, never cut these strands or your rug could start to come apart. Rotate your rug every few months to prevent wear and tear to the fibers from foot traffic and the weight of the furniture. This will also help with fade control, as the sun’s UV rays can dull the rug’s colors.  Another way to preserve your carpet’s rich hue is to install window blinds or material that blocks the sun’s damaging effects.

Machine Woven Rugs

Machine woven rugs can look similar to hand woven carpets, but are usually made from synthetic fibers. Since this rug isn’t hand woven, fringe is not generally a part of this carpet’s design. If your machine carpet has fringe, it will be stitched or glued to the back of the rug. Because these floor coverings aren’t hand crafted, the edges are straight and symmetrical. The rug/s synthetic colors won’t be damaged by the sun, but, as with the oriental rug, rotating the carpet several times a year will help maintain your rug’s gorgeous appearance for several years.

The Tufted Area Rug

Tufted-area rugs are machine woven, and are frequently made with natural fibers. These fibers are pushed through a canvas-like netting, which is then glued to a heavy cotton backing. You can’t see your carpet’s pattern on the underside of the rug. Customarily these rugs don’t have fringe, but If your floor covering has this trim, look to see if it is attached to the back of the carpet. As with the other two area rugs, regular rotation will prolong its beauty.

Sweep Those Fibers to Keep These Unique Carpets Clean and Inviting

To maintain the vibrancy and longevity of all three carpet types, the rugs must be swept several times a week to keep surface dirt from working further down into the fibers. Sweep under the edges of the floor covering where dirt becomes trapped. For most machine woven rugs a stiff bristled brush will help loosen hair and pet fur.

Commercial carpet cleaning solutions may damage the natural fibers and colors of an oriental rug, so rely on professional cleaning companies to remove dirt and freshen your carpet.  Should a stain happen, read the manufacturer’s cleaning label found on the tag applied to the back of the rug. If spot removal is recommended, immediately blot any spill with a white cotton or microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution or water. First, test a little area on the back of the rug to be sure your carpet’s colors won’t bleed.

If your machine-woven rug is made with synthetic fibers, most professional carpet cleaning products won’t harm your floor covering. Again, check the manufacturer’s care label first, but most spots can be cleaned with a white cloth and a gentle carpet-cleaning product or water.

Small. tufted, machine woven rugs can usually be washed in a washing machine on the delicate cycle, using a cleaning solution for delicate fabrics. Air dry, out of the sun, where both sides of the rug can dry evenly. Be careful about removing loose yarn tufts.Don’t pull these little bits, but trim with scissors close to the surface of the floor covering.