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How to Remove Office Odors Like a Pro

How to Remove Office Odors Like a Pro

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It’s going to happen. When a number of people share an enclosed space, like an office, odors will occur. Whether it’s from leaving lunch leftovers in the refrigerator over the weekend or spilling those leftovers on the carpet, we have tips to help you remove office odors.

1. How to remove odors from a refrigerator

When food is left in a refrigerator, eventually, it will get smelly.  To help combat refrigerator smells, you need an odor eliminator and regular cleaning.  Baking soda is great at reducing and neutralizing odors in the refrigerator. Some people even recommend sticking a cup of coffee beans in the refrigerator to help with odors as well. Activated charcoal is another option for eliminating odors. Of course this doesn’t eliminate the need for doing a complete cleanout of the entire fridge, which means removing everything and doing a thorough cleaning of all the shelves, drawers and drip tray.

2. Removing odors from a kitchen sink

How many of us have smelled the stench of rotting foods, how about the time you forgot to run the garbage disposal for a couple of days? OK, so how can we keep up with keeping the sink free from odors? Number one would be not letting the dishes accumulate so you don’t have food laden plates sitting for days, rotting away. If you have a brand new sink, your job may be a little easier – start by running hot water and a little soap through the disposal. Older sinks may need a bit more elbow grease. Putting a lemon peel through the disposal will help remove and neutralize odor. Still have a smell? Try upping your game by running a bit of vinegar followed by ice cubes and lemons through the disposal. Remember too if you want to use something a little stronger to open up the sink drain there are also drain opener solutions for that.

That should take care of your drain, but what about cleaning your sink for a sparkling shine? This can be done by completely drying the sink and shining it with either your stainless steel cleaner, or for those trying to stay organic and natural the abrasion of rubbing a cup of flour after cleaning and drying out the sink will do that same thing.

3. How to remove carpet odors

For smaller areas, or lighter smells, baking soda comes to the rescue again as one of the top odor removal and neutralizers for carpet. Sprinkling baking soda evenly on the carpet and then vacuuming it up works quite well. Also, spraying down the carpets with a little vinegar or vodka (yes a cheap brand) mixed with water can also help get rid of some of the odors. Make sure to give your carpet plenty of time to dry before replacing furniture, or walking on it.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a larger area, or a major spill, you might want to get some professional assistance with getting the carpets cleaned well from a deep seeded carpet issue. If you’re a pet owner or find yourself in regular need of a carpet cleaner, a carpet cleaning machine can be a great investment.

4. How to remove odors from office chairs

Number one, try airing out your chair in the the outdoors. Then if that doesn’t work you can use another odor eliminator: charcoal. Again you can use the baking soda trick by sprinkling down the chair and by vacuuming it after it’s sat there for awhile. These tips are mainly great for upholstered furniture. However if you have leather or plastic furniture you can also spray down your chair and wipe it down with a furniture cleaner.

5. How to remove odors from office bathrooms

Odors in bathrooms are difficult to remove, but there are some products and ways of dealing with this to keep your restroom in tip top shape. There is a bio enzymatic to clean the floors in the area by the toilet and urinals designed especially to break down the odor that goes into the floors and grout in the tile. Also there are odor control supplies that can be either aerosols, passive or even metered air fresheners. Keeping up with daily cleaning of the restrooms is definitely a great odor removal plan.

Hopefully, you now have a somewhat comprehensive list of ways to handle odors in your office. Try them out and let us know if you have any other tips below!