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How to Remove Food Stains From Every Surface of Your Office

How to Remove Food Stains From Every Surface of Your Office

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Are some of your associates messy eaters? Food grease can wreak havoc on the different surfaces in your office. It’s important to clean up any food messes as quickly as possible to avoid stains. Here are five quick and easy ways to clean food spills.

  1. How to remove oil stains from carpet

    OOPS!! There goes my olive oil pasta right on the new office carpet…what do we do here?

    First of all we want, to use a dull knife to get the oily pile up quickly and without pushing the oils further into the carpet.  Now for the stain, we can sprinkle it with cornstarch first of all, or use baking soda which seems to be a miracle powder for cleaning up messes, and will help absorb the oil.  This will need to sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then use you handy vacuum for vacuuming up the powder.  Otherwise, the easy alternative is using a carpet cleaning machine.  This will help you quickly and swiftly remove the stain.

  2. How to get grease stains off of kitchen surfaces

    There are a variety of natural cleaning supplies and methods for cutting grease off of your kitchen surfaces.  The oil stains can be a build up of constant use of the kitchen as well.  If you are fortunate enough to have an oven in your break room and have a stovetop those wonderful fried vegetables grease will start building up a scum. One way to cut the grease is to use vinegar in a spray bottle. Another option is putting down baking soda in the greasy area and then wiping with a scrub sponge. Another very easy grease removal technique is squeezing the juice of a lemon into a spray bottle and using this to remove the oil stains off the backsplash and counter surfaces. Sometimes, using a natural oil like olive oil only on hard surfaces in the kitchen will do the trick, an oil versus oil technique.

  3. How to remove stains from upholstery in the office

    Ok, so you’ve just settled into that prized tapestry chair to have a working lunch with your boss and your yummy pepperoni pizza slips from your hand, pepperoni and cheese side down…how do you remove this stain quickly and without too much ado?  A great tip here is to mix a little dish soap with cold water and blot the spot several times until it disappears.  What if it was a celebration at work and it was red or white wine on that same prized tapestry chair…First dab or blot up as much of the wine as you can, then pour salt or baking soda on the stain, wait for a few minutes and then vacuum it up.

  4. How to get grease off hard floors

    We’ve all seen those dark oil stains on the tile and in the grout.  We may need a tile cleaner, some tile cleaning supplies and a floor scrubber to help us get this removed.  If it is just a little bit of grease you may be able to use a bit of floor cleaner and a brush to get it up. However if its a bigger area you may need to get your scrubber in there and get more into it and scrub for a while.

  5. How to cut through grease on glass and stainless steel

    There are a few aerosols that can be used on glass and stainless steel to remove and work on grease stains.  If it was from opening doors with greasy fingers, or accidentally dropping your fries on the inside of the fridge, this is a great option.  A great product that can be used is this. Spray it on those appliances and watch the grease recede.

Now we’ve given you some tips we think are great, feel free to write in with your own tips that you have found helped you remove stains.