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How to Keep Dirt from Being Tracked Into Your Workplace

How to Keep Dirt from Being Tracked Into Your Workplace

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During spring in Columbus, OH the rain seems to never stop. This can cause your associates and customers to track in more dirt and mud into workplace than usual.

To help you control the dirt, we’ve outlined a few ways to keep the mud from overtaking your floors.

1. Use floor mats at every entrance.

Using floor mats at every entrance into your office from the outdoors is a brilliant idea. No matter where you live: in the tropics or in the northern hemisphere where the seasons bring a variety of different dust and obscure particles into your office, it is a good idea to have matting to place at the front door, back door, side door, wherever your entrances are.

2. Cover any patio and entryways.

Get a covering for any of your outdoor entrances. This means that when its raining, patrons will be able to stop for a minute to clean off their shoes rather than running straight into the building. This should at the very least minimize muddy footprints in the hallways. If it is thick mud, you could offer to put down paper mats for patrons and associates to rest their shoes on to clean them off as well.

3. Encourage all associates to use one entryway.

If possible, use arrows and clear signage for associates to use just one entryway. This way you can have all your matting gear concentrated in that area. You can have different types of matting in different areas too from scraper mats to anti-fatigue mats.  This preventative measure can help you to avoid a slip and fall incident.

4. Keep your matting clean

This brings us onto another point: keeping your matting clean and stopping a buildup will also help keep the office clean. Either vacuuming them regularly or getting them professionally cleaned will be extremely helpful. If you clean and vacuum your mats regularly that will prevent a buildup of muck.

Still can’t keep the dirt from coming in? Don’t know what floor cleaning supplies to use? Read: Dirty Floors Could Be Leaving a Bad Impression.