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How to Improve Your Office Safety

How to Improve Your Office Safety

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Jim the jack of all trades comes strolling into the breakroom and meets the secretary Pam grabbing her coffee. After a few jokes and chatter Pam remarks, “aren’t you to be out in the safety training this morning at 8 sharp?”. After a glance at his watch now illuminating 8:01 a.m., and sloshing his coffee as he hurries out the door to the warehouse, Jim completely forgets what he needed to bring with him to the training…as he approaches the group huddled around the safety foreman, he notices them in their brightly colored neon safety vests and hard hats

OK, so how important is safety in your organization? This little analogy makes you start thinking.  What safety products and procedures have you put in place to make sure you are able to care for your employees and make sure no accidents happen at your location that could have been avoided.

Let’s start thinking about several important aspects of safety and safety supplies to keep our employees safe:

Lock Out Tag Out

Lock out Tag out is a sometimes ignored, but very vital part of a business. It’s imperative that in industry and research settings, we are giving enough time to educating our employees what the correct procedure is to follow. If your employees don’t follow the procedure that involves shutting down the machinery and locking it and tagging it, there is potential for a hazardous fatality. Make sure your lock out tag out kits are easily accessible for your workers to get when there is work to be done on a machine or piece of equipment.

Hard hats

These are ultimately protective gear for those working in construction but even operation of equipments and machinery at extensive heights and exposed to the possibility of a head injury, hard hats are needed. Head injuries can affect quite a few of the functions within the body as well.

Eye protection

Safety eye glasses are important as well to make sure your employees eyes are protected from potential blindness or eye injury. Here’s a good example of some new anti-fog safety glasses that have recently been released to help workers in the warehouse. There are many options so definitely reach out to your suppliers or us to find a good fit.

Clothing protection

Hi-viz jackets & vests are also necessary for the staff not only on construction and highway sites but in the warehouse where some areas may not be lit as clearly as others. Hi-vis safety vests to protect workers against injury as they are able to be seen when on pickers or just in aisles in the warehouse.

Just small incremental changes in business practices can lessen your accident’s, stop you from getting cited on OSHA, and reduce workers comp claims. All in all, if we start doing these few basic steps, we will be on our way to getting our safety equipment and safety supplies in order.