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How to Improve Office Morale

How to Improve Office Morale

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“Culture” is a word bandied about a lot of companies today, but what does it actually mean? How can you define your office culture and improve your team’s feeling of togetherness and boost their morale?

We’ve pulled together a list of a few easy-to-implement tactics to help boost your office morale and define your culture.


What about throwing surprise lunches for your employees? Throw a barbecue in the summer! A reward for their hard work or recognition for a big win or successes the company has just achieved. Make your office break room into a party scene with balloons and streamers, have a cake and make it special. Arrange your breakroom furniture so that everyone can be included. Get a couple extra breakroom supplies for your special occasion.

Happy Hours

Happy hours are a great team building opportunity – they’re a relaxing opportunity for your employees to build relationships with their coworkers outside of the work environment. To do this and include everyone you can let them pick where they would like to go, make sure you have a snack ordered up which everyone can share too.  That way if some of your employees don’t drink socially they can still feel included.

Team Retreats and Company Outings

At a team retreat, we can make sure that we have an agenda with some team-building pep talks and team building activities. This will keep everyone on board and make sure that you achieve your goal of being together, and growing as a team.You can also do outings like canoeing and kayaking, or outdoor activities like hiking and climbing as a group.  This gives your employees an opportunity to work together and make teamwork fun! Another enjoyable company outing is an escape room. Escape rooms can be done during the day for just an hour or so for a quick break and distraction from the normal. This is also team building to rely on each other to get out in good time.

These things all add to providing a strong culture where your employees feel rewarded, wanted, and needed. A little goes a long way and if you reward and take care of them, they will in turn do the same for you.