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How to Dust Your Office in 4 Easy Ways

How to Dust Your Office in 4 Easy Ways

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When dust particles are breathed in they can cause a number of health hazards, including: irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hayfever, and even asthma attacks. And, these symptoms can be exacerbated in people who have respiratory conditions.

Office electronics such as computers, keyboards, and phones, in particular, are prone to accumulating dust. In order to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid potential health hazards it’s important dust these and other items around your office regularly. Here are a few easy ways to keep dust out of the office.

1. How to dust your desk

Ever wondered how to correctly dust your desk, to get the maximum benefit out of your cleaning? First, remove all extraneous items like desk calendars, tissue boxes and the like. Then wipe the desk with microfiber cloths and clean under knick-knacks and other paraphernalia. If there is a partition around the desk, use a vacuum to get the dust out of the main fabric part and then use a hand-held duster to clean off the tops.

2. How to dust a computer

To dust your computer, first turn the monitor off. Then use a dry cloth to wipe down the screen and monitor. There is also an electronics aerosol specifically for this use available.

3. How to dust a keyboard

Next on the dusting list is the keyboard. You will need to turn off the computer and then disconnect the keyboard. Then, shake the keyboard upside down to let the dust come out of it. This is the best time to grab a can of compressed air to get between the the keys. Then give it another gentle shake to release the remaining particles of dust. Last of all, wipe the keys off with a cloth maybe with a little bit of spray but not enough that it drips off down in between the keys.

4. How to dust a phone

The first thing you do is to disconnect your phone. Then wipe it with a dry cloth with some electronic spray to get some of the dust off. Just make sure none of the spray seeps into the buttons or speaker portion of the phone.

These tips will all help keep the dust down at your office if you keep up with them weekly. Also, if you have someone cleaning your office like an employee you may want to share these tips with them.