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How to Clean Retail Stores for the Holidays

How to Clean Retail Stores for the Holidays

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A clean store can make a good impression on your customers. In fact, 85% of Americans polled stated they would not patronize a business with negative online reviews about its cleanliness. Get your store looking its best this holiday season and avoid those negative reviews with these tips.

How to Clean Retail Stores

  1. Get rid of clutter.

Clutter can send a bad message to customers about your store. To avoid this, keep your store tidy and organize any items that are out of place. To help, we recommend developing a system for returns so that if a customer returns an item, it will make it back to its rightful location within hours and isn’t sitting around.

  1. Clean displays.

Constantly maintain and clean your displays. Displays can quickly gather dirt and dust, so it’s important to wipe them down throughout the day. You don’t want your merchandise getting dusty and dirty do you?

In addition to cleaning displays, it’s important to dust your lighting. Dust can dim your lighting making it look dull and not as bright as it should be.

For dusting tips, read our 4 ways to dust here.

  1. Wipe down solid surfaces, shelves and checkout lines.

Disinfect surfaces throughout your store, such as areas around the checkout line regularly. Not only will this help prevent the spread of germs, but it will also prevent dirt and grime from building up throughout the day. We recommend using green cleaning supplies for this. A green cleaner will be safer to use around your customers.

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Also, take care of any spills immediately, keeping a close eye on entryways and exits. This will help you avoid slips and falls. Cleaning retail stores is about responding to potential issues as soon as they happen so they don’t turn into a bigger problem.

  1. Clean your storefront windows.

Clean windows are important for any retail location, but they’re especially important during the holidays. With a huge influx of potential customers walking by you store, you’ll want to ensure your holiday displays can be seen clearly through your store windows.

We recommend having your windows cleaned by professionals weekly and doing spot cleanings daily. Consider investing in a basic window cleaning kit to help you easily clean pesky fingerprints from your windows.

Ensure you have the best window cleaning supplies to help you with the job. Learn more about window cleaning supplies here.

  1. Buff the floors.

Hard-soled shoes and de-icing salt can wreak havoc on your floors during winter. To help you maintain your floors, we recommend sweeping and vacuuming throughout the day and mopping at the end of each day to keep salt from building up. We also recommend buffing your floors once a week to remove any scuff marks from winter boots.