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How to Clean Restaurant Bathrooms and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

How to Clean Restaurant Bathrooms and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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According to a survey from Harris Interactive for SCA Tissue North America, 50% of restaurant customers who have a negative experience with a restaurant bathroom will tell their family and friends. And, 3 out of 10 of those who have a bad restroom experience will never go back to that restaurant again. This makes it incredibly important to give your customers a good first impression with your restroom.

We’ve outlined three main tips to help your restaurant bathroom make a good impression and keep your customers coming back.

1. Use the best bathroom cleaning products:

Using the incorrect cleaning products can damage a surface, especially porous surfaces like grout in your bathroom tile. That’s why it’s important to use the cleaning products for each surface. Here are some of the best bathroom supplies for some of the main surfaces in your bathroom:
-For the counters use a spray or aerosol
-For the tile floors use a floor cleaner
-For the toilets, you will need a toilet bowl cleaner and an all-purpose cleaner for the outside
-For the mirror, use a glass cleaner

For more tips on what cleaning products you shouldn’t use, read our Top Five Office Cleaning Mistakes.

2. Keep a consistent bathroom cleaning schedule:

It is important to keep consistent in your cleaning schedule.  Here are few of the important tasks for you to do daily, weekly and monthly to keep your restroom clean:

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Schedule
-sweep the floors each time there is a shift change and mop after your patrons have left finally for the day
wipe down the sinks and counters multiple times during the day
-keep highly touched areas cleaned well. Germs can easily be passed on in high traffic areas and you want to eliminate patrons getting sick at your restaurant.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Schedule
-Clean the windows in the restroom to rid them of dust and grime
Polish the mirrors, and backsplashes to rid them of water marks
-Make sure the sink and floor drains stay unclogged so water doesn’t back up

Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Schedule
-Clean the walls with specific products to remove the dirt and smudges
Clean the floors and scrub grout
-Dust all your fixtures in the bathroom like ceiling fans etc.
-Switch out your air fresheners and odor control products

3. Understand what your customers want in a restaurant bathroom:

If you know more about your customers, then you can provide a better experience. Leave comment cards in the bathrooms, invite them to complete a survey or speak with them directly to learn what they looking for. This will help give you the industry specific feedback you need, to steer your bathroom cleaning and give you a complete bathroom cleaning checklist. Take this feedback seriously, and you should be well on your way to giving your patrons the level of cleanliness they require to return to your restaurant.