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Five Reasons You Need A Janitorial Supply Company

Five Reasons You Need A Janitorial Supply Company

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Have you considered partnering with a janitorial supply company? Did you know a janitorial supply company can save you time and money? Think about it. How much time does it take you to order the janitorial, cleaning or breakroom supplies you need every month? And how many places do you order supplies from? All of that time wasted and inefficiencies in ordering can be fixed by partnering with a janitorial supply company.

Here are five reasons you may need a janitorial supply company.

1. A janitorial supply company will save you time.

You can partner with a janitorial company that has all the janitorial supplies you need rather than running here and there to gather items. They can also deliver them to you, rather than you having to go out yourself. Time is money so if you look at it that way this is a huge bonus for you.

2. A janitorial supplies company will make sure you never run out of essential supplies.

Janitorial companies can provide inventory control thus saving you time so you don’t have to reorder the products each week. They will come in  and evaluate your reorder point, get a list of your cleaning supplies, and give the order into customer service. That way you can operate your business on the JIT principle and have just what you need at the right time.

3. They will be able to recommend necessary supplies based on your work environment.

If you are a new start up or opening a new location the janitorial supply company can do a walk through and recommend commonly used cleaning products at the industry you are in. For example baby changing table liners & a baby changing table at a daycare can be provided by your janitorial company. Or if you are moving into an office building, they might recommend the different sized trash cans and liners for regular waste, paper waste, and breakroom supplies.

4. They can help you prepare your workplace for changes in weather.

A janitorial supply company can help you prepare for upcoming weather changes. In the winter, they will be able to provide you with salt and scraper mats to clear the salt from your shoes once inside. In the spring you may need walk off mats to dry the bottoms of your shoes off from the spring rain.

5. A janitorial supply company can create efficiencies in your ordering by being a one-stop shop.

How efficient and convenient to be able to order all your janitorial needs from one supplier. You can imagine how much stress that will take out of your day knowing that you’ll be taken care of and have a good source for your cleaning and janitorial supplies.

These tips should give you some good advice when making a decision whether or not to partner with a janitorial supplier.