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Fall Office Cleaning and Office Supplies Checklist

Fall Office Cleaning and Office Supplies Checklist

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With colder weather coming your associates are more likely to spend more time in the office and less time outside. This means more opportunity for spills, messes and illnesses around the office. In order to keep your office clean, tidy and free from illnesses, it’s important for everyone to maintain a solid cleaning routine. Here are a few things you should clean regularly around the office.

  1. Disinfect keyboards and computer mice.

Clean keyboards and mouse pads regularly. The germs off your fingers and food bacteria if you eat lunch at your desk can be a bad combination. Make sure to disconnect and turn off your mouse and keyboard before cleaning. With electricity running to your accessories, you can easily fry the circuitry while cleaning. When you’re finished, make sure they have plenty of time to try before reconnecting them. Using disinfecting wipes instead of spray clean will help you avoid causing harm to the electronics.

  1. Clean computer monitor screens.

Be careful to use a safe cleaner, as things like alcohol-based cleaners or ammonia can be damaging on certain screens. To be safe, we recommend a specially-made screen cleaner to avoid damage.

  1. Disinfect tables and chairs in the breakroom, conference rooms and any other common areas.

You may need to clean down your conference room areas as they are being used more than outdoor meeting areas. Cleaning supplies you might need for your meeting and gathering areas are:

  1. Vacuum regularly to reduce dust and indoor allergens.

You want to cut down on the dust and indoor allergens especially during flu season. Here are some products for you:

  1. Disinfect all door handles and light switches.

Remember this is flu season and it’s a good time to stock up on office cleaning supplies.  Someone who has just blown their nose maybe shortly opening a boardroom door without washing their hands. Try these options:

If you do use these tips you should be well prepared for the cold weather and winter season!




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