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Employee Retention: How will you keep your best talent?

Employee Retention: How will you keep your best talent?

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How will you retain your best talent in your office this year? With more possibilities than ever before this is a critical point for businesses to take hold of. There are more flex schedules, online jobs, job opportunities held out on job application sites, LinkedIn you name it, its there.

There are a number of strategies out there that take a bit of fine tuning for each business, but are fundamental to keeping your best talent:

  • Training – this means not just job description training, but training for success that will apply in the employees life on the job and beyond. When an employee can see value in your training courses they are more likely to stay around.
  • Mentors -someone that the employee can go to if they have a question, even possibly as a sounding board is a perk in some ways but can make them feel more secure in their career.
  • An employee benefit package is somewhat obvious and you might say is a given, however flexibility and “thinking outside the box” on this can be key to retaining your top talent!
  • Recognition-The statistics and polls are high for those employees who don’t feel recognized and who aren’t rewarded for their over and above commitment to their organization. This is also one of the top reasons the best talent in your organization leaves…this Poll from Forbes gives some astonishing numbers.
  • Culture-this is last because it’s most important and hopefully not forgettable piece of insight. The culture is the very essence of the behavior and personalities demonstrated in your organization. This is what people observe by their interactions with your people, by the way employees treat each other and the dynamics of your organization. How your team collaborates together is all part of your culture. Culture is what people describe when they say why they love the company they work for and what retains top talent in the organization.

All these attributes combine into your strategy, vision, and values culminating into what will retain your best talent in your space. The leadership must exemplify the traits of what you would like to see portrayed in your office to encourage and facilitate following your lead. Employee retention will be higher the more of these aspects you incorporate into your business.