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Cleaning Tips for a Long-Term Healthcare Facility

Cleaning Tips for a Long-Term Healthcare Facility

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Cleanliness is important for just about every business, but nowhere is it more important than in long-term healthcare facilities. The patients in these types of facilities often have serious illnesses or injuries, and you want to ensure that you don’t make their conditions worse due to unsanitary conditions in patient rooms, exam rooms and other areas of your facility. Here’s what you need to know to keep your long-term healthcare facility as clean as possible.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

It’s difficult to know what needs to be cleaned and when without a detailed schedule of cleaning tasks for your team. Just going by what looks dirty isn’t enough. Particularly in healthcare environments, many of the contaminants you’ll need to get rid of are invisible to the naked eye, so you will likely need to clean things that don’t look like they need it. When your patients’ health and well-being are on the line, you can’t be too careful.

In creating your schedule, it can be helpful to group similar tasks together, like washing all of the bedding from a particular floor or wing at the same time or dusting the shelves in all nurses’ stations. You could also group tasks by room, like washing the windows, mopping and polishing the floors, and sanitizing the bed adjustment buttons and guardrails for room 202. However, because this requires several distinct tasks with different equipment and cleaning products, it may not be as efficient as the previous method.

How you structure your cleaning schedule depends on a variety of factors, including the size and layout of your facility, the working hours of your cleaning staff, patient schedules and more. Be sure to get input from your cleaning staff in the planning process. They are the ones who will actually be doing all of the work, and their insight on the matter can be incredibly valuable.

Use the Right Equipment

Of course, when cleaning your long-term healthcare facility, it helps to have the right tools for the job. Here at Unisan, we provide cleaning and janitorial supplies for commercial clients. We can help you identify the equipment and cleaning products you need to keep your long-term healthcare facility clean and your patients safe from unnecessary risk. Our associates are well-versed in all of the details of our products, so we can evaluate your needs and preferences to make individualized recommendations for your facility.

We can also provide advice and guidance as to how best to use our products, so don’t be shy about asking if you have any questions. Our team is always happy to help with whatever you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help you keep your long-term healthcare facility as clean as possible. Call now to get started.