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Benefits Of Chemical Dilution Dispensers In Your Facility

Benefits Of Chemical Dilution Dispensers In Your Facility

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Without proper chemical dilution, there can be costly and dangerous mistakes. Too much water and too little chemical will be ineffective. And too much chemical with not enough water is dangerous.

Here, we’ve outlined various types of chemical dilution and why a chemical dilution system may be appropriate for your facility.

Types of chemical dilution. 

Ready to Use (RTU)

Ready to Use chemicals are what you typically find on a grocery store shelf, in convenient spray bottles, packaged, and ready to go. These chemicals are already diluted so the user doesn’t have to worry about mixing the correct amount of chemical with water. This format is particularly good for chemicals that are difficult to concentrate effectively, such as floor finishes, high-acid cleaners, and metal polishes.

Bulk Concentrates

Degreasers, floor strippers, glass cleaners, and others are often sold in bulk concentrates. Bulk concentrates require manual mixing of the chemical with water to dilute it. This format puts the onus on the user to correctly measure the right amount of concentrate with water.

Dilution Systems 

Dilution systems take the stress of mixing chemicals out of the hands of the users. These systems automatically measure out chemical concentrate and water in specific proportions reducing exposure to chemicals and improper chemical mixing. Dilution systems can range from wall mounted units to hand-held miniature dilution systems. 

Why your facility needs a chemical dilution system.

1. Minimizes your associates’ exposure to chemicals. 

Chemical dilution systems improve worker safety by minimizing exposure to chemicals.

2. Prevent accidents caused by improperly mixing chemicals.

Chemical dispensers prevent workers from mixing chemicals improperly, creating fumes and unhealthy, volatile compounds.

3. Dilution control systems are cost effective. 

Cleaning chemicals can be expensive. A dilution control system ensures you use just the right amount of chemical, saving you money.

Chemical dilution control systems we recommend. 

Dual Blend Chemical Management System 

This dilution system comes completely assembled, ready to use and requires minimal setup. 


  • Its dispensing system is enclosed, reducing your contact with chemicals. 
  • It will dispense chemicals into bottles or buckets.
  • Has a lockable cabinet to secure chemical concentrates.

Earth Sense Twin Power Modular Chemical Dispense System

This dilution system maximizes performance by using super concentrates. 


  • Super concentrates keep costs low. 
  • Environmentally responsible formulas that contain no harsh solvents or phosphates and are completely biodegradable.
  • Cleaning products also carry Green Seal Certification.

Clea Chemical Filling Station 

This dilution system can accommodate four cleaning chemicals in one station. 


  • Uses Clea chemicals, which are Green Seal Certified. 
  • Dispenses different amounts of cleaning solution depending on your need.
  • Comes with a 7 ft. hose that can reach outside of janitorial closets to fill up floor scrubbers.

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