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A Proactive Approach to Improving the Health of Your Employees

A Proactive Approach to Improving the Health of Your Employees

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The physical health of your employees directly affects the financial health of your business. As a business owner, it makes good sense to become more proactive when it comes to dealing with the health issues of those who work for you. By keeping on top of potential health problems at your company, you can help prevent workers from getting sick which will end up lowering productivity and costing you money.

Proactive Ways to Improve the Health of your Staff

Offer a Lenient Sick Leave Program. More than two-thirds of employees come to work while ill. Although many employers may view this trend as positive, it can have detrimental effects on the health rest of the office, in addition to overall productivity. Giving employees the ability to work from home when they are not feeling well is a nice employee benefit which can help to lower the spread of germs in your office maintaining productivity.

Disinfect Employee Keyboards, Tablets and Phones. The typical cubicle has more bacteria per square inch than the average toilet seat. That is a pretty scary statistic. You can significantly reduce the amount of germs floating around your office by providing basic cleaning supplies for your staff to clean their workspace and encouraging them to do so regularly. During the cold and flu season, you may want to provide tissues and hand sanitizer for everyone’s use.


Clean Up the Break Room. Unwashed plates and cups are a breeding ground for germs. If you have a break room, ensure your employees have a way to wash up after eating or drinking. Dishwashing detergent, clean sponges and a drying rack are essential. Offices without the facilities to clean up should consider providing disposable options for their employees. Hang up posters to encourage your employees to wipe down their tables and throw away leftover food every day instead of leaving it in the fridge.

Keep Employee Washrooms Spotless. Bathrooms may not be as germ-infested as people think, but it is still important to keep them sanitary. You may have office cleaners, but make sure your employees know that it is their responsibility to keep the bathrooms neat and clean throughout the day. Keep cleaning supplies and a box of disposable gloves in each bathroom for easy access.

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