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6 Tips To Increase Employee Productivity During Summer

6 Tips To Increase Employee Productivity During Summer

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With summer comes warm weather, after work happy hours on patios and, of course, summer vacations. Summer is great! But with summer also comes distractions that can affect you and your employees’ productivity. In order to stay productive amid summer distractions take a look at our core principles for increasing productivity in the workplace.

  1. Plan your day before you start.

This can be done in a variety of ways, either the night before which is best, or if time’s a factor, early morning at the latest. Using a planner even writing down your main tasks you do weekly ahead of time helps as well.  Having a plan is the best idea as you always accomplish more knowing what you have to do. If you start the morning right by getting a clear head and starting focused and with exercise this should definitely have an impact on the rest of your day.

  1. Start day with your most important tasks.

Heard the saying “eat the frog first”? This means get through your most challenging obstacle in the first few hours or minutes if possible of your day. If you complete that tasks it will give you the courage to complete the smaller tasks. Know that this will help you for giving you a positive outcome for the rest of the day.  Humans like the feeling of accomplishment.

  1. Take regular breaks.

Make sure you allow yourself enough breaks throughout the day.  Try eating lunch away from your desk. As hard as this may be it will give you some time to reflect on other things besides staring at your computer screen and flicking through social media channels. Even just getting up every few hours to walk around the office for a couple of minutes will help give you a short break.

  1. Turn off notifications and block distractions.

To follow on from our social media channel and web surfing from our last point…this is a huge distraction for many and we have all been guilty of this.  The innocent connection request on LinkedIn turns into checking feeds which turns into a half hour of surfing the web. What’s most harmful about this distraction and time squandering is how long it takes you to refocus on what project you are actually working on when you return from your “web daydream”.

Notifications are another endless black hole as well.  If you have your phone notifications going off, your reminders on your Outlook popping up, email previews flashing up on your screen how can you keep focused? Silence the notifications, turn off the led flashing lights, and shut down your outlook while in your do not disturb sessions.  You want to stay efficient and ensure your productivity at work, and in order to do that minimizing distractions and notifications is a huge aide to your success.

  1. Set mini (half hour to hour) deadlines for yourself.

Use urgency and time constraints to your advantage.  If you set a timer or a reminder at the beginning and end of a time slot or put this in your planner and you set time aside in small blocks for your task list this will help you achieve your goals.  Breaking tasks up into small chunks makes it more manageable and increases your productivity as you accomplish one task and then another and another.

  1. Declutter your work environment.

Clear space, clear desk, clear head…you know that amazing feeling after the spring cleaning is complete in your house, the windows are crystal clear and everything is in its place? You can have just as much enthusiasm if you keep your desk organized and clear. You will be able to concentrate better on your tasks if you are constantly tripping over the old lunch box you meant to take home and knocking over the pile of memorabilia every time you turn to make a call from your desk telephone.


Let us know which of these tips worked well for you, and if you have any summer productivity tips of your own!