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5 Corporate Office and Desk Organization Ideas

5 Corporate Office and Desk Organization Ideas

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Do you ever feel like nothing is where it’s supposed to be in your workspace? You may think that you don’t have time to organize your office, but if you really knew how much time that disorganization is costing you, you would take the time to get it back into order. An orderly workspace clears the way for higher productivity and less time wasted searching for the things you need. Organizing your workspace doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just follow these tips and tricks and your workspace will be clutter-free in no time.

  1. Shred any paper you don’t need.

Clutter breeds clutter, and nothing can cover the surfaces in your office like paper. Get rid of the old papers you’ve been hanging onto for the last few months just in case you need them again. If it’s truly important, file it away (read on for filing tips!), if it’s not critical, shred it. Just about everything we work with today comes through email, or digital file sharing – so if you think you’ll need the file again, odds are you’ll be able to print out a new copy in no time at all.

  1. Revise your filing system and get rid of duplicate or old files.

Take some time to go through all of your files, and take stock of the files for current, recently lapsed and dead accounts. If an account has been dead for more than a year, and you’re not legally required to hang on to files for dead accounts – it’s time to get rid of them. Go through your “to go” files, and if there’s anything in them that may help you with future accounts (estimates, budgets, etc.), pull those out and file them away in a general file for that topic, and shred the rest.

When you’ve finished purging your filing cabinet, if things still seem a bit crowded, consider a new filing system. Color coding folders, or having dedicated drawers for specific projects or account types can make it much easier to find the information you need.

  1. Put everything in its place and make sure everything has a home.

There are several desk organization ideas that you can implement at work. Get an organizational cube to put on your desk or in your drawers. This will help you stay organized and make sure that all of your office supplies are easy to access. There are all kinds of office organization ideas and desk storage ideas these days from desktop organizers, to phone stands, corner shelves, filing trays, etc.

  1. Use plastic trays to organize the papers you need to hold.

When you’ve cleared your desk of loose papers and files you can do without, you need a way to organize those you do need. Plastic trays can help you divide up your remaining paper and files, and they can be numbered or labelled any way you like to help you keep track of what files and papers are in which trays.

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes every week to tidy up and throw away things you don’t need.

Before you leave for your three-day weekend, take 10-15 minutes to straighten up your desk and office. If you take the time to clean up before you go home, you’ll be in much better shape to tackle the week on Monday when you get back into the office. Don’t leave with pens and paper strewn over your desk, it’ll be there to greet you in the morning when you least need the distraction and you are at your ultimate focus time.