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3 Things to Deep Clean in Your Workplace in the New Year

3 Things to Deep Clean in Your Workplace in the New Year

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What is a deep cleaning? A deep cleaning helps you get rid of bacteria, germs and stains that your regular cleaning routine doesn’t address. While a regular professional cleaning schedule aims to maintain the condition of floors and surfaces, a deep cleaning is for those overlooked spaces that build dirt and grime over time.

The New Year is the perfect time to address those often overlooked spaces and get rid of the dirt and germs that may be lurking. Here are the top three things you should deep clean in your office for the new year.

1. Scrub your office floors.

Arrange for professional floor cleaning for all of the floors in your office. The floor cleaning is extremely important. Get a company that will help move the furniture and get behind it and clean the baseboards as well. Do some carpet cleaning as well and get those stains removed. If you have floors that need refinishing get them stripped and refinished.

2. Disinfect surfaces that attract the most germs.

Here are the top surfaces that you should disinfect: doors and door knobs, phones, keyboards, faucets, and anything in the office breakroom. Doors and doorknobs are some of the most germiest places in the office. Your desk phones should also be dusted and cleaned regularly, especially areas near the mouth piece. Think about keeping your keyboard and mouse clean regularly as well, as it is a surface that is touched very often throughout the day. The main parts of a bathroom like the toilet and sink should also be cleaned on a weekly basis. Last of all, the breakroom is somewhere where associates and food are on a constant basis during the day, try to keep some breakroom guidelines in place.

3. Dust everything!

It’s important to keep dusting on your list of cleaning duties. Dust obviously causes dirt and grime over time, as well as can impact your employees health. Dust the furniture, tops of cabinets and the cubicle walls. Also keep your desk phone and electronics dusted. Use a regular duster or an extendable duster to go over the areas that are harder to reach. Get those dust bunnies cleaned up!

All of these things should assist in getting your office in good order for the New Year!