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Ways to Celebrate Fall Activities at Work

Ways to Celebrate Fall Activities at Work

Traditions are important in an office, especially during fall when the change in weather can cause fatigue and low morale. To help to combat low morale in your workplace we’ve outlined a few of our favorite fall office activities.

  1. Host a pumpkin decorating contest.

How much fun is pumpkin carving, A LOT of Fun.  and guess what you don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy this. Gather all the employees together and vote for a winner of the pumpkin carving contest.

  1. Organize a team outing to volunteer.

Now is the time to give of your time and give back to the community.  See who of your team will come out and do some community service.

  1. Kickoff football season with a tailgate potluck.

Tailgate parties are a big thing in the midwest and definitely in Ohio.  If you haven’t had one yet now is your opportunity to gather with your team to kick off the football season.

  1. Celebrate World Food Day with a food drive.

World Food Day is October 16th specifically designed for world hunger awareness.  Start a food drive as a team, this will be fun and teambuilding. Take the items you’ve collected to a local soup kitchen.  This will be a demonstration of your teams generosity and unselfishness.

  1. Decorate your office in fall colors.

Show some festivity for the season by getting some fall decor: pine cones, multicolored leaves, pumpkins…you name it! Get in the holiday spirit!

  1. Host a Thanksgiving lunch.

Your team hopefully is like family to you: the ones you share space with everyday, with a common goal each day to achieve success for your company.  This Thanksgiving schedule time to have a company lunch with your teammates and show your appreciation.


These points hopefully will make your fall season a delightful one, with exciting activities for your employees.