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Top questions to ask your office cleaning company

Top questions to ask your office cleaning company

New cleaning company on the horizon? Googling ‘office cleaning services near me’? Before you make the jump the first step is to determine your cleaning priorities so you’re ready to ask the right questions.

10 questions to ask a commercial cleaning company

1) Are background checks done?

Have the office cleaning company’s employees been screened for criminal records? Make sure that you, your employees and your facility will not be at risk.

2) What is your policy on continuity and training?

Will the same team of cleaners come every time? This way they will know how you want your cleaning done and there will be no surprises. Cleaning personnel should be well-trained in the necessary procedures.

3) Which cleaning products and cleaning supplies do you use?

Will your new cleaning company provide and use quality cleaning products?
If your preference is for green cleaning, specify that green cleaning products will be used.

4) Tell us about your floor care options?

Define exactly what floor cleaning and maintenance is required. Schedule cleaning, buffing and stripping of your hard floors.
Over and above the regular vacuuming of carpeted areas, check if they have steam cleaners for deeper cleaning jobs.

5) Do you do spot cleaning for germs?

Point out the areas that are potential breeding grounds for those horrible little things that make you sick. Make sure these places (anywhere that gets touched a lot) are cleaned regularly with good sanitizers.

6) Which quality control system is in place

Janitorial inspections as well as a reporting system should be in place to make sure that the janitorial service is doing its job and your facility is well taken care of.

7) Are you protected?

Insurance: A commercial cleaning company should be adequately insured. Check that Workers Compensation, Liability Insurance etc., are all in place.

8) References?

Ask for 3 customer references. This will tell you a bit about the cleaning company.

9) Is your company CIMS certified?

CIMS certification ensures that the commercial cleaning company in question has a proven track record of following industry best practices.

10) And… Do you communicate?

All promises are in vain if your janitorial company doesn’t keep you informed.
It’s extremely important that they’re reachable and will respond quickly to an issue or concern. You should have at least 2 methods of communication available to reach them.

Well, we hope you find a good one!
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