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The Top 7 Surfaces to Disinfect in Your Workplace

The Top 7 Surfaces to Disinfect in Your Workplace

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Bacteria and germs can be easy to miss in a workplace. Unfortunately, this means some of the germiest areas in the workplace are often missed during regular cleaning. To help you stop the spread of germs in your workplace we’ve outlined the tops areas that collect germs and how to disinfect them.

Here are the surfaces in your workplace most likely to spread germs and how you can disinfect them:

1. Phones

First, unplug your phone to avoid accidentally calling someone while you clean your phone. Next, use a lint free cloth to get the dust off and use it with a cleaning solution to wipe the entire phone surface. Lastly, use a disinfectant wipe on the handset and those areas that your mouth would be close to when you answer the phone.

2. Computer keyboards and mouse

Firstly, turn off the computer and unplug the keyboard. Then use a compressed air can to spray in between all the buttons to release dust and particles from the keyboard. Next spray or dip cotton swabs in a special cleaning solution and wipe between each key. Last of all, use a lint free cloth with the cleaning solution to wipe the rest of the keyboard off.

3. Desktops

To keep your workspace clean you must first clean up and remove papers, trinkets and electronics off your desk. Get some disinfectant spray or wipes and wipe down the whole surface. Make sure you get clean all areas including under your phone and desk calendar.

4. Copiers

Copiers can be wiped down with electronic and anti static sprays or wipes. Make sure you get all parts of the copier. If you have an extremely dusty office you can also use a feather duster to get into some hard to reach areas. Wipe all surfaces down and then dry with a lint free towel or rag.

5. Watercoolers

Water coolers are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Think about the number of associates going by to touch the spigot to either put water into a cup or their own water bottle out of the cooler. First, unplug the cooler and then remove the waterguard. Clean the waterguard with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and then dry. Next, rinse out the reservoir with a baking soda and water solution. Pour it into the reservoir and then drain it out by using the spigots. Lastly, replace the water guard.

6. Doorknobs

Doorknobs are one of those regularly touched surfaces that breeds bacteria. It is a common point from which the transfer of germs and viruses spreads. If you can keep these wiped down frequently with an antibacterial spray, this will be a step in preventing this swap of germs from one person’s hand to another.

7. Anything in the break room

All break rooms have one thing in common: they’re one of the most common used rooms in a workplace. If your break room isn’t properly cleaned and disinfected regularly it can cause germs to spread throughout your office. Make sure the fridge is cleaned out regularly as well as the outside of it especially the handles. Make sure the breakroom is on the weekly cleaning schedule as well.

Now you have a few tips to keep the top surfaces clean in your office!