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Take a Break: What do your employees want in their breakroom?

Take a Break: What do your employees want in their breakroom?

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Does your breakroom reflect your culture? Inc.com found that employee involvement is essential to their enjoyment of their breakroom. Have your employees take a vote on one feature of the breakroom they want to make it their own. Remember your employees need to feel they have ownership and this is one way you can support their input. Paint the breakroom bright orange if that’s what they feel would be invigorating to them. Always make sure your employees count in the decisions made in your office.

Let the employees voice be heard because guess what, if your employees feel like you’ve done something for them they will do more for you. You want culture so ingrained in your company that when someone else enters your company, they notice the difference right away. Have you ever gone to a restaurant where you could literally watch culture happening? It’s amazing because the restaurant employees know exactly what’s expected of them, and they are able to respond to whatever situation arises simply because their culture guides them.

Coffee and Collaboration

A breakroom should be a place where your employees can have space to take a break from their work day. The first rule of any breakroom: make sure you always have good coffee, your employees will thank you. Don’t forget to make sure you have their favorite sweeteners and creamer too! Also, think about investing in a coffee machine to make this coffee break easier and faster for your employees.
Have some comfortable chairs (yes, even a big bean bag chair) where employees can sit together in small groups and collaborate. This space is highly important to workplace productivity, and it needs to create that sense of relaxation and be their island in the office.

You Gotta Eat

Breakroom supplies can be everything from the forks, spoons, cups and cutlery to coffee and snacks. A few examples of good snacks to have in the office are fruit, granola bars, nuts and yogurt. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a kitchen or cafeteria in your office, try to make healthy choices to offer to your employees as well.

Thirsty? Pop…fizz…clink!

Ok, even if you aren’t able to have a champagne fountain in your breakroom, make sure you have the sodas like Sprite and Coke, so your employees have something refreshing for when they need an extra caffeine boost. You can also offer healthier options like bottled water and apple or orange juice.

What success have you had in making your breakroom space one that your employees enjoy? What have you found is one of the breakroom supplies your colleagues really appreciate? Let us know in the comments below.