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School Cleaning Supplies Every School Janitorial Staff Needs

School Cleaning Supplies Every School Janitorial Staff Needs

Safe and clean schools are important to everyone. The janitorial staff, however, play the most significant role in keeping the school environment clean. Schools have dense populations making it easy for germs and diseases to spread quickly. That’s why it’s incredibly important that the janitorial staff has the right cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies on hand.

Here are the top janitorial supplies and equipment every school janitorial staff needs.

1. Low-toxicity cleaning chemicals.

As of recent, it is being realized that air quality is being compromised due to harsh chemicals and cleaners being used in the school when the janitorial staff are cleaning. In schools especially with younger children, this is becoming a real growing concern. Even if the school is committed to using “green cleaning supplies” but you find children are still being affected by it, see if you can review your list and check up on whether anything stands out as being harmful. This way you can replace them with chemicals with a lower toxicity.

2. Cleaning supplies for hard floor surfaces.

There are a number of options for your hard floor surfaces: floor scrubbers and buffers are some of the best investments for your school in lieu of saving time and money. Imagine how long it will take to use a mop and bucket to clean all the school floors and hallways. You can get back a lot of your time to focus on other aspects of maintenance, by using a floor machine.

3. Vomit control for quick clean up.

There are many sorbent products for quick clean up. Supersorb powder is one option that is widely used. This powder can be sprinkled to make the liquid a solid so that it can be easily swept up. This makes it a quicker cleanup, which means less time for germs to spread to other children and teachers.

4. Hand sanitizer for every classroom.

Sanitizer for each classroom is an excellent idea. This way if the flu is going around, the children can use it and also to prevent passing germs from one to another. Hand sanitizer is a great barrier for germs when you can’t have a sink and soap in your classroom. Consider this small investment for your school and see how much this decreases your absenteeism.

5. Green sanitizer for classroom electronics, such as computers and keyboards.

There are specific cleaners for your electronics. A “green” cleaning product you can use is a microfiber cloth slightly dampened to wipe down your electronics. There is also an aerosol which can be used: a video display terminal cleaner.

All of these options are ways you can make sure you have the cleaning supplies and products you need to help your school be successful at reducing children’s allergies and reducing absenteeism due to children being sick because of germs spreading easily in the classrooms.


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