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Office Cleaning Supply Checklist for a New Business

Office Cleaning Supply Checklist for a New Business

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When you’re starting a new business, there’s so much to think about. The day-to-day details of managing an office can often get lost when you’re focusing on work. But it’s incredibly important to make sure you and your team have everything you need to maintain a healthy and clean workplace. To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together the ultimate office cleaning supplies checklist. Check out this list to make sure you have everything you need to maintain your office.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

There’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom at the office. You go in the bathroom, and it’s a filthy mess with paper everywhere and messy sinks.  Make sure you have everything you’ll need to clean your toilets, counters and sinks, mirrors and floors. We recommend the following cleaning supplies:

Toilet Cleaning

Counters and Sinks



  1. Breakroom Cleaning Supplies

Everyone hates a dirty kitchen, especially messes left over in the microwave.  For the breakroom cleaning supplies you want to use more “green” cleaning supplies that are easier on the environment and on your health. Give your breakroom a good clean as it is a collaborative space for employees as well as where eating is done every day.

Dishes & Cutlery

Counters, Sinks, Tables


Floor cleaning products

  1. General Cleaning Supplies

You will also need that general set of office cleaning supplies that are always there when you need them. You will probably want to store your floor cleaning equipment, bulk cleaning supplies and cleaning products in a central spot so they can be accessed easily.

  1. Window Cleaning Supplies

Got dirty windows? We have you covered. Look no further, we have all the products you need to have clean, sparkly windows.



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