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New Year’s office cleaning goals

A New Year and a new decade. What a great time to assess the past year and make resolutions for 2020! Your premises reflect your culture and your values so no wonder your goals for an attractive, sparkling clean facility end up topping your list.
The start of a new year is the perfect time to look at your commercial cleaning program and improve it. Here are some cleaning goals you may like to add to your list:

1) Green cleaning

If green cleaning products were not a part of your cleaning routine before, now is a good time to start. Our article on green cleaning tips and products explains how green cleaning supplies can do a great job without the harsh side effects associated with some cleaning products. You’ll be doing something for the environment too.

2) Get everyone involved

It’s easy for your associates to leave it all to the janitorial staff. However, a weekly or even a nightly clean isn’t enough to keep the place looking great.
Encourage employees to:

  • Leave the breakroom better than they found it. Wrappers, splotches of sauce on the counters and abandoned food don’t boost the ambiance of the lunchroom.
  • Keep their own desks and surrounding areas clear and clean. Have waste receptacles handy, and provide cleaning supplies for desks, phones and computers.

3) Upgrade your cleaning schedule

Most cleaning jobs are done on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle. Some might be quarterly, twice a year or yearly.
Look critically at your ceilings, walls, floors, windows, washrooms and breakrooms.

  • Are there cobwebs lurking on ceilings and light fixtures?
  • How about the walls – fingerprints here and there?
  • Do your floors have a downtrodden air?
  • Does grime stop the sun from shining brightly through your windows?
  • And do the breakrooms and washrooms make you wince?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check how often that particular area gets cleaned and arrange for more frequent cleaning.

4) Fight flu season

Your upgraded cleaning schedule will help here.
On top of this, antibacterial wipes, sanitizer and tissues placed strategically around the office will help keep the germs down.

5) Your floors are a priority

Dirty unmaintained floors scream a bad attitude to customers and associates so invest in the right floor cleaning supplies.

If you have carpeting, invest in good carpet cleaning machines.
Start with a powerful vacuum cleaner to eradicate loose grime and dirt.
Extractors clean carpets down to the roots, leaving them clean and fresh smelling.

A commercial grade floor scrubber makes cleaning hard floors a breeze.


We hope these office cleaning tips set you on your way to a happy and prosperous New Year!  We’d love to help you succeed in your 2020 cleaning goals

From the team at Unisan