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How to Clean Cubicle Walls (And Why It’s Important)

How to Clean Cubicle Walls (And Why It’s Important)

Many workplaces don’t clean their cubicle walls often, if ever. However, cubicle cleaning should be a part of your office’s regular cleaning schedule, just like carpet cleaning or cleaning upholstered furniture.

Why should you clean cubicle walls?

  • Control dust mites

Dust bunnies as they are regularly called, are attracted to the fabric cubicle walls in the office. Regular dusting or vacuuming with a furniture attachment is a smart idea for businesses. There are a couple of options that can be used for upholstery cleaning either a regular vacuum with an attachment or a backpack vacuum.

  • Remove stains

Because a wide variety of substances will end up on your cubicle walls: grease from food and dirty fingers, to coffee spills etc, you will need to get these cleaned up. You will need to prespot clean and then perhaps use a spot cleaner. Test the spot and make sure it doesn’t stain before cleaning the whole wall. How about using a carpet spotter for cleaning fabric walls?

  • Reduce office allergens

Keep up with the vacuuming of the office and cubicle walls to reduce allergens. A lot of allergies are created and start with dusty offices which cause employees to feel unwell. Symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and sore throats can all be as a result of allergens.

How do you clean cubicle walls?

    • Remove anything hanging on the walls

Number one, remove all your pictures, lists, wall calendars, and paraphernalia from your cubicle walls. Also remove any furniture leaning up against the cubicle walls to get the most possible area cleaned.

  • Vacuum the walls to remove as much dust and dirt as possible

Walls should be vacuumed regularly to reduce allergens. This will help get the walls in prime condition so you don’t have employees calling off of work due to bad allergies.

  • Spot treat any stains

Make sure you rub out the stains just in a small area first to avoid bleaching or discoloring the fabric wall if the chemical doesn’t mix well.

  • To clean cubicle walls, try a mild liquid detergent, water and a soft-bristle scrub brush

Mix a cleaning solution of 1/4 cup laundry detergent with one quart warm water. Dip the brush into the suds and lightly scrub the cubicle wall panels. This will help get the dirt and grime out of the cubicle walls.

  • Let dry completely before hanging anything back on the walls

Give your fabric walls plenty of time to dry before putting back up your photos and calendars and all your special quotes. This will ensure you don’t get mold due to moisture and will give your fabric some time to dry properly.  Now you have all the basics of how to clean cubicle walls, you should be well set up to try this in your office.


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