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Going Green: A Guide to an Eco Friendly Office Space

Going Green: A Guide to an Eco Friendly Office Space

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So what is this big uproar about going green? Going green is a much safer and eco-friendly way to keep your office space healthy and clean. There are a number of different allergies that can be the result of harsh chemicals being sprayed in the office. This is your chance to give your employees a great environment to work in. More organic and healthy options are available for use than ever before so why not jump on the green bandwagon?


Generally traditional chemicals can be harsh on your skin and even if you breath fumes from them you can be breathing in toxins. However, if you are cleaning with green chemicals, they will be more environmentally friendly for you business. They will be made with less harmful products that will be easier on you and your staff’s health. These chemicals will be less toxic, non abrasive, and non corrosive, providing a much healthier alternative.

Paper and soap products
Using green options in your restroom is also a fantastic idea. These are easier on the environment as they are generally biodegradable and made with recyclable materials. Look out for the products that have the Green Seal certification, which means that they are certified to be safe for the environment.


Conventional cleaners have long been used and sometimes we don’t even think twice about making those purchases at the store. However eco friendly cleaning products are safer for the environment and have generally higher standards for ingredient safety. These green cleaners generally have fewer Volatile Organic Compounds as well. Creating an environment for your staff free of harsh cleaners will be highly beneficial to their health.


Also check out switching to LED lighting in your office as they generally last longer and use less energy. LED’s can make a positive impact on employees as well. They’re easier on the eyes compared to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs which can cause some eye strain over long periods of time.

Water Source

Have you ever gotten into a debate as to what is best plastic water bottles or each employee having a personal water bottle? Well while that debate continues, try the water filtration in the office route. Getting a water cooler in the office or getting a fridge with a water dispenser in the break room, you can eliminate water bottles which contribute a large amount of trash each week. In addition to water filtration, providing separate recycling and trash cans will help eliminate waste and and decrease your environmental impact.

To implement these changes, start by looking in your supply closets and making an inventory list of what cleaning supplies you have. Make small strides to the changeover to comparable eco-friendly products. For more research on going green look on the Environmental Working Group’s site before you make a final decision. To keep costs down for this switchover, see what you can purchase in bulk for the new green cleaning supplies. Start talking to your utility company and see what “green options” they have for you. All the best for a green future!