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  • Take a Break: What do your employees want in their breakroom?

    Culture Does your breakroom reflect your culture? found that employee involvement is essential to their enjoyment of their breakroom. Have your employees take a vote on one feature of the breakroom they want to make it their own. Remember your employees need to feel they have ownership and this is one way you can […]

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  • Going Green: A Guide to an Eco Friendly Office Space

    So what is this big uproar about going green? Going green is a much safer and eco-friendly way to keep your office space healthy and clean. There are a number of different allergies that can be the result of harsh chemicals being sprayed in the office. This is your chance to give your employees a […]

    Posted at May 11, 2018 »By Tiffany »Categories Uncategorized »
  • Cleaning Tips for a Long-Term Healthcare Facility

    Cleanliness is important for just about every business, but nowhere is it more important than in long-term healthcare facilities. The patients in these types of facilities often have serious illnesses or injuries, and you want to ensure that you don’t make their conditions worse due to unsanitary conditions in patient rooms, exam rooms and other […]

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  • Tips for Curbing Allergies in the Office

    Spring is upon us, and for many people, that means allergy season. As all of the plants begin to bloom again, airborne allergies plague many people. As unfortunate as this is for allergy sufferers, it is almost as bad for those around them, especially in the workplace. It can be incredibly distracting to sit next […]

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  • A Proactive Approach to Improving the Health of Your Employees

    The physical health of your employees directly affects the financial health of your business. As a business owner, it makes good sense to become more proactive when it comes to dealing with the health issues of those who work for you. By keeping on top of potential health problems at your company, you can help prevent workers […]

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